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Welcome to Splixtures! 



Our goal is to encourage students, staff and schools to stay physically active, mentally healthy, and socially connected through a wide range of online sports challenges. 



Splixtures was created and designed in recognition of the many challenges posed by Covid-19, including school closures due to national lockdowns. The challenge format has been trialled with several international schools, most notably with the students and staff from TASIS England.


Splixtures are sporting fixtures and events displayed through video footage which attempts to capture the competitive and collaborative spirit of sports and activity challenges such as STEM.


Splixtures challenges include;

  • Challenge splixtures across a number of sports & activities.

  • Access to weekly challenges that you can play just for fun (non competitively).

  • Experience of trying new sports without any prior experience.

  • Global connections through competition against other schools.

Splixtures will continually update offering new challenges in even more sports! We are also developing online challenges in other areas, such as fitness and STEM based activities.


We hope you enjoy participating in Splixtures. Good Luck!

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