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Thank you for submitting the information requested. 

Now to upload your Splixture footage, in 4 easy steps:

1 - Copy our email address - - and click the button below.

2 - If you have not used WeTransfer before you may be presented with this Screen. If so, just click the 'No Thanks' option at the bottom.





3 - Paste our email and enter your email where asked and leave your name in the message section.

4 - Drag and drop your Video into the WeTransfer window and click 'Transfer'


(You may be sent a Verification Email if this is your first upload, This will be sent to the email you are trying to send your Video from.)  

All Done!

Stay tuned to the Splixtures website to see the result.

Screenshot 2021-01-27 at 14.23.34.png
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